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Customers looking for synthetic curly hair extensions will find a wide and varied choice of weaves at Paul's Hair World. Our synthetic hair curly extensions are great for those looking for a budget option which still offers a high degree of quality. At Paul's Hair World the selection of cheap synthetic curly hair extensions range in length from 10 inch shoulder length hair to long length long hair for those looking for full on flowing locks. Synthetic hair extensions are ideal for those who want convenient options. Some of our weaves can be clipped on easily whenever they are needed. Other weaves need to be sewn or glued in by professional hair stylists. Some options come on halo wire, making it even easier to place them into your own hair for instant long curly locks. Whatever colour you’re looking for we offer a range of shades. These range from bright blonde to dusky blonde, strawberry blonde to copper and a range of browns and black shades. It’s easy to find a weave which matches your own hair colour or alternatively gives you a new colour. Whether you’re looking for tight curls, braids, tousled locks, ringlets or big statement curls, we have a great choice of cheap synthetic curly hair extensions suitable for all tastes. Some synthetic options can be styled and when they do they hold their style for longer than human hair. Whether you want to temporarily change you curly locks to straight or vice versa, it's often possible but check with the manufacturer’s instructions first. At Paul's Hair World we stock a wide range of cheap curly synthetic hair extensions from a number of well-known brands. This includes Frankie Essex, Halo, Sensationnel, Sleek and Beauty Works. Our synthetic weaves are made in either standard synthetic which is great for those on a budget, Kanelkalon Fabric which is ideal for those seeking out natural looking hair and Futura Heat Fabric which is perfect for those who want to use heated stylists appliances. Whatever your synthetic curly hair extension needs are you’re sure to find something from the extensive choice at Paul’s Hair World.