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Urban Rewind Pre-Looped Crochet Braids

Urban Rewind Pre-Looped Crochet Braids

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Synthetic Hair Extensions Colour


A cool new off-shoot of Urban hair has launched. Offering six on-trend patterns and textures, they are pre-looped for ease of use and application. Moving with what customers want, five of the styles in this range consist of a tight curl pattern with soft touchable texture. They also feature a 4in1 loop concept (1 loop with 4 strands) for faster application and more volume. Diva, meanwhile, features a unique eyelet style loop which is pulled to lock the hair easily into place. Urban Pre-Looped is perfect for followers of the natural hair movement and great for girls on the go.


Easy to install and perfect for beginners to crochet hair.

Type of hair: Premium SYN Fibre

Type of product: Pre-loop Braid

Packs used for full head: 4 to 6 packs

Weight / pack: 80g

Length: 14”

Style: Water Curl

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