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You need never go through the agony of waiting for a fringe to grow out again. The answer is simple - don’t have one cut in to start with and use a clip-in version instead. Even if you are already growing out an existing fringe, a clip-in will have your hairstyle back to its stylish best in no time at all. A human hair version will offer a completely natural look that is as easy to manage and maintain as your own hair and there are plenty of colour choices available to make sure you can get your hands on a perfect match. Of course, you may decide to go for a completely different colour fringe to add an individual element to your look and, the good news is that clip-in fringes are now so affordable that you could stock up on one for every day of the week. The All Colours American Dream Vanessa 100% Human Hair Clip On Fringe is available in a huge range of different tones and shades, ranging from the lightest blonde to dark ash brown, as well as jet black. Even the length is up to you. If the chosen style doesn’t give you exactly the look you want, you can have it cut to meet your needs. This is a thick, full fringe that will complement many face shapes and styles, and its longer sides make it simple to blend it in with your natural hair. It has three clips to ensure a comfortable but secure fit so you don’t have to worry on even the windiest of days. Since it is made completely from human hair, it can be styled in your normal way, using heated appliances if you choose, with no risk of it looking like a frazzled mess at the end.