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A fringe extension can transform your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. They are extremely easy to attach and will stay in place all day long. A synthetic clip on fringe or other extension is a really affordable option and can help you transform your look much quicker and more cheaply than a trip to the hairdresser. There are a wide range of products available, creating a variety of different styles, and there are plenty of colour options to ensure that matching with your natural hair is never an issue. The Hair Couture By Sleek Front Fringe range, for example, is available in 10 different tones, ranging from blondes to reds, and is designed to offer a really modern, natural look. It is easy to blend in with your existing style and can even be tonged if you want a little added bounce. The Frankie Essex Clip-on Fringe is available in seven shades to match your natural locks and is securely attached with hidden combs. It boasts a trendy layered look that can compliment a sophisticated high ponytail or a more tousled, loose style. This is another hair piece that can be transformed with styling tongs, meaning that there are endless opportunities to change your look. If you are looking for a full fringe that offers excellent coverage and is really easy to use, then a Balmain Fringe is an ideal choice. This allows you to transform your hairstyle in a matter of seconds and the included instructions make it simple even for styling novices. The shades available range from Nordic Blonde to Mysterious Black, with plenty of other options in between. Having a fringe cut into your own hair means committing months to a similar style. With a fringe extensions, however, you can alter your look for every day of the week.