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Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Straight

Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Straight


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Made to match Bare & Natural Straight bundles, this versatile closure is 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair. Enjoy a size to suit you, from the 4x4 Full Lace Top Piece, which boasts a 3-way part from left, right or centre; the beautifully crafted 7x4 Silk Full Lace Top Piece, also featuring a 3-way parting; and the ultimate Coverall Front Piece, a luxury silk closure that offers ear-to-ear coverage.

Recommendations: Seamlessly match the texture of your Brazilian Lace Closure to the corresponding Bare & Natural bundle style.
Type of hair: 100% Virgin Human Hair
Type of product: Lace Closure
Weight / pack: Full lace 4x4 = 30g, Silk 4x4 = 30g, Silk 7x4 = 35g, Silk 11.5x3.5 = 45g

Introducing Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Lace Closures, a stylish trio that has been created to polish off the most bountiful crowns. The 4x4 Full Lace Top Piece 12” is perfect for creating multiple partings (left, right and centre), while the 7x4 Silk Full Lace Top Piece 12” is ideal for a natural hairline and 3-way parting. In addition, the Coverall Front Piece 12” offers the ultimate finishing solution that allows ear-to-ear coverage and endless parting options.

The Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Body – the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless and natural-looking hairline. This exceptional closure piece from Sensationnel's Bare & Natural collection is designed to elevate your hairstyling game and offer you the utmost versatility and realism.

The Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Body features a beautifully crafted body wave pattern that exudes elegance and sophistication. The waves flow gracefully, providing volume and movement that mimic natural hair effortlessly. Whether you're aiming for a chic and laid-back look or a glamorous, red-carpet-worthy style, this closure piece ensures you'll look stunning and confident.

Measuring 7x4 inches, this silk closure piece offers an extended coverage area, giving you the freedom to create a seamless and realistic hairline. The silk material is soft, smooth, and skin-like, providing a comfortable and natural fit that effortlessly blends with your scalp. The meticulous construction of the closure ensures a realistic appearance, making it virtually undetectable and allowing you to confidently wear any hairstyle.

Crafted from premium-quality Brazilian natural hair, this closure piece embodies the beauty of softness, silkiness, and durability. The hair's natural shine and texture make it a perfect match for most hair types, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing hair or extensions. Whether you're using it to complete a weave, wig, or protective hairstyle, this closure piece guarantees a flawless finish.

One of the standout features of the Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Body is its exceptional versatility. You can part the hair in multiple directions, thanks to the generous size and natural density of the closure. This allows you to explore various hairstyles, experiment with different parting styles, and create the perfect look for any occasion.

Step up your hair game with the Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Body. Embrace the confidence that comes with a seamless hairline, allowing you to rock any hairstyle with flair and finesse. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural hair or elevate your wig or weave, this closure piece is your go-to accessory for achieving a picture-perfect finish.

Experience the magic of true beauty and versatility with the Sensationnel Bare & Natural Brazilian Silk Closure 7x4 Body. Elevate your hairstyling experience to new heights, as you indulge in the luxury and realism of this exceptional closure piece. Redefine your beauty standards and let your hair become a canvas for creativity and self-expression, all while enjoying the comfort and elegance that Sensationnel has perfected in this remarkable product.

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