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Feme Brazilian 360 Lace Frontal Body Wave

Feme Brazilian 360 Lace Frontal Body Wave

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For greater choice when it comes to hairstyling, frontals are the solution. Perfect for updos like ponytails, 100% Virgin Brazilian delivers beautiful hand-tied Swiss lace pieces with added baby hairs for an even greater natural appearance. A perfect pairing with custom wigs, customers can add a frontal to boost their style choices and get more wear from their hair.

Recommendations: Make sure that your weare is installation. A greatly installed weare will give you an amazing starting point.
Type of hair: 100% Virgin Human Hair
Type of product: 360 Lace frontal
Weight / pack: 12” = 85g
                         14” = 90g
                         16” = 95g
                         18” = 100g
Colour: Natural

•  360 Lace frontal gives you the flexibility to pull hair into a high ponytail or any up-do
• 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair
• 100% Hand-Tied
• Made with Swiss lace
• Dye, bleach and heat-friendly
• Strong, flexible, durable
• 22.5” circumference
• Natural hairline with 4” baby hair
• Unlimited parting options
• Available in two versatile styles: Straight and Body Wave
• Natural nape hairline
• Perfect for custom wigs

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