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Beauty Works Hairdrobe

Beauty Works Hairdrobe


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Treat your new extensions to the luxury they deserve with the Beauty Works Hairdrobe®, specifically designed to extend the lifespan of clip-in extensions and ensure they stay tangle-free. Each Hairdrobe® comes complete with a vegan, faux leather carry case - to store your extensions in when not wearing - plus a hair hanger to hang your set safely in the wardrobe.

To store, simply place your hair extension wefts between the hair hanger’s panels and pull the centre metal clip over to secure them. Place the hanger back inside the Hairdrobe® and close with the zip to conceal and protect your hair. This will protect dust build up and prevent tangling of the hair when stored or when travelling. Simply put in your suitcase for hair goals wherever you go!

The hair hanger can also be used to style your extensions on-the-go. Clip your extensions onto the hanger to hold them in place whilst you dry or style them. Perfect for curling or waving, simply style, apply and go!

*Extensions not included.
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