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Boutique Remi 100% Human Hair Weft 113g

Boutique Remi 100% Human Hair Weft 113g


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Boutique sources hair from all over the world and quite simply boutique is one of the best there is! It is the epitome of quality, the ultimate designer label, sumptuous, luxurious and indulgent. 100% Remy - perfection from root to tip. The techniques used to apply your extensions may need specific care requirements, please ask your stylist for more details.

Boutique says a lot about the wearer - a woman that buys expensive hair that exudes quality. Her hair captivates as it moves and seduces with it's rich intensity of colour and lustre. A style icon - she demands the best, nothing short of perfection.

Daily Maintenance Tips: Do not rub or twist the hair Use a wide toothed brush or comb to detangle, working gently from roots to ends Do not over - style with heated tools as this can sometimes damage the hair Use products sparingly - excessive use of products can cause build up and affect performance

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