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Fake tan is a great way to get that sun-kissed glow at any time of the year and modern formulations are a far-cry from the orange fake tans of the past. In fact, instant one day tan is ideal to create a bronzed look for day or night that looks really natural. There are plenty of brands out there that create a gorgeous instant tan, no streaks or mess involved. Fake Bake is one of the world's most popular tanning brands, used by celebrities and models worldwide. Its Faux Glo Instant Tan is ideal for that natural look, whether you're heading to the beach, a party or you just yearn for an everyday bronzed look. The tanner contains skin enhancers to eliminate skin imperfections and it's easy to apply. Its 360-degree nozzle makes applications in hard-to-reach areas a breeze! It also dries super-fast so there are no streaks and its transfer-resistant formula means you no longer need to worry about fake tan on your sheets or clothes. All this and it easily washes off with soap and water, making it the ideal choice for instant tan when you need it. One of Fake Bake's other most popular products is its Matte Wash Off Bronzer. This wash-off fake tan formula gives a beautiful golden bronze glow to all complexions, with a matte finish that's ideal for daytime wear. The luxurious lotion is formulated with naturally derived ingredients and is non-sticky and light on your skin. It moisturises skin and won't clog your pores, while its pleasant fragrance means it can be worn all day (and night). Wash off fake tan is a great, low-commitment way to try out fake tan for the first time, but it's also ideal if you need to apply tan in a hurry, but don’t want the commitment of a tan that lasts for several days.