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Plaited headbands are a supremely stylish accessory that can be used to create a wide range of looks, whether you simply want to keep your hair tidy for work or want to create a hairstyle worthy of the most special of occasions. The plaited headband choices available all look natural and are created using the finest materials and techniques. They are bang on-trend right now but you will not want to stop wearing yours for many seasons to come. The All Colours Hair Couture Sleek Braided Headband is an affordable option and is available in ten different shades, making it easy to find one that will blend in with your natural locks. Like all of the plaited headbands available from Pauls Hair & Beauty, it can be used as a simple hairband, ideal for keeping your natural locks off your face, or use it to wrap around a ponytail to create a sophisticated style in minutes. The Frankie Essex Braided Headband is another versatile choice that is offered in ten different shades. It is quick and simple to use, meaning that you will never be left with aching arms from simply trying to get your hair to look right. There are also headbands available offering more than one braid, ideal if you like a wider band or simply want to make it look like you have spent an age doing your hair - even though these bands help you create those fashionable styles in just a couple of minutes. The Frankie Essex Double Braided Headband offers nine different colour options and is perfect for adding sparkle to any occasion. It boasts metallic highlights and is adjustable to ensure exactly the right fit whatever style you choose. The All Colours Triple Twist Headband by Hothair, meanwhile, can help you create a style that looks like it has come straight from the catwalk in virtually no time at all. It may look complex but is extremely easy to use.