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Ombre. The new word in high hair fashion, it's the style being flaunted on the catwalks and copied on the high street right across the UK. Supermodels, film stars and fashionistas are all sporting these gorgeous two tone looks, and now you can too. What is ombre? It's the style secret of lightening the ends of your hair while leaving the top part dark, adding the illusion of shine and volume. This isn't about having dark roots and light hair. It's about creating the perfect balance, a dip dyed effect to the ends of your hair. If you don't want to go down the expensive route of dying your hair - which you need to have done by a professional hairdresser - followed by the maintenance work, then there are plenty of ways to achieve a gorgeous ombre effect by cheating ever so slightly. For example, ombre hair extensions are a relatively simple way to add some contrasting colour to your hair. Simply weave the extensions in to your natural hair to add volume and boost shine. Or you could opt for an ombre clip in. If your hair's on the short side then ombre doesn't work too well - the effect needs longish hair to really work. So instead of waiting - and waiting - for your locks to grown, you can simply choose an ombre ponytail or other hairpiece. Flash clip ins add a burst of colour to the ends of your hair, giving you a fantastic ombre effect in minutes. When it comes to ombre human hair is often the best choice as it will offer you the colour contrast without a different texture. For those looking for the complete ombre look for an absolute minimum of hassle, an ombre wig is the best bet. Choose your style, choose your colours, go poker straight or be a curly girl. A well made wig will feel light and comfortable, and look glamorous but natural. Try one for your next big night out and watch your friends' reactions as you walk in the room (or see if they recognise you!) Trying out new trends is great fun, and now there are so many options you don’t need to commit to anything for too long!