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A bun is a simple and smart way to wear your hair for any casual or formal occasion. The bun keeps your hair out of your face and gives a comfortable, easy to wear and timeless style for day or night. Many women find creating a bun hairstyle difficult as it can be troublesome to get a neat finish: this is where fake buns can help to create your hairstyle, keep your hair tidy and provide the perfect finish to your look in a fraction of the time it takes to create a real bun. It is super easy to create stylish neat buns using this range of bun hair pieces from a variety of hair experts and famous brands, including Frankie Essex and Beauty Works. These gorgeous buns are made from synthetic hair which has a soft, real feel and they can be easily attached to your own hair using a clip or a draw string method. Simply place your own hair in the attached cup and the bun sits over your hair to give an instant new style. The Frankie Essex Prom Style Bun and Ballerina Bun are two popular styles of neat bun, which give the wearer a choice of designs, which can be worn as a low or high bun. The Prom Style includes a glamorous attached plait, while the Ballerina Bun includes a twisted braid and is fashionably over-sized and easy to clip in over your own hair. The All Colours Celebrity Bun is an exciting and glamorous bun with a thick, high volume shape and plaited detail. Simply clip the bun over your own hair for an instant ‘do’, saving hours of styling time. All these fashionable neat buns come in a range of colours to suit all hair types and shades to ensure a great match, from blonde, to blacks and browns to fiery reds. These beautiful clip-in buns give an instant update to your look!