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We all want a golden, natural looking tan for that sunkissed look all year round, but preparing your skin for fake tan is the key to getting a streak-free, natural finish. Exfoliating and moisturising your skin is the best way to ensure that your tan applies evenly and lasts longer, not to mention it will give you soft, silky skin. There are plenty of products out there designed to slough off dead skin cells and moisturise your skin before tanning, as well as products to extend the life of your tan. Tan lasts longer on freshly exfoliated skin, so apply Montana Tan Exfoliator to ensure an even finish. Focus on dry areas where dead skin cells gather, such as you knees, elbows and feet. These areas are prone to becoming darker when tanning. Scrubs like this are gently on your skin, leaving it silky smooth and giving you a clean slate to start with, so by using an exfoliator, your skin will be perfectly prepped for fake tan application. The Montana Tan Exfoliator and Mitt Gift Pack is the perfect present for yourself or a friend; use the mitt to apply the exfoliating scrub before it's time to tan. Fake tan moisturiser is the best way to ensure your tan lasts for longer. After all, nobody wants to have to re-apply too often. You can maintain moisturised, soft skin and extend your tan with Montana Tan Extending Moisturiser. This gently moisturiser is non-greasy and easily absorbed into your skin. Applied daily, it can help to extend your tan's life span, so you look gorgeously glowy for longer. Taking care of your fake tan is easy with tan exfoliators and tan extending moisturisers designed to prep you skin and maintain your tan - plus they care for your skin too, leaving it soft and glowing.