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Fake tan today is no longer the unpleasant smelling, orange tan of the past - new formulations are designed to give you a natural, beautiful golden glow that will last for longer. However it's not just about the fake tan you buy, it's also about how you prep the skin and apply it. When you have a spray tan at a beauty salon, they will usually recommend ex-foliating the skin before applying your tan, and using a tan-extending moisturiser to keep your skin soft and ensure your tan lasts for longer. They may also recommend you use a fake tan mitt to top up your tan at home. Tanning mitts are a great, no-fuss way to apply your chosen brand of fake tan. Rather than using your hands, which can contain natural oils and sometimes leave you with a streaky finish, using a fake tan mitt means you won't end up with bright orange hands! Mitts can help you to obtain even coverage and a beautiful golden glow, with a streak-free finish, and because they're easy to wash, you just throw them in the washing machine after each application and re-use them next time you're applying your tan. Montana's tan application mitt is a great choice if you are looking to apply your fake tan quickly and evenly, for the perfect finish. Whether you're using a one-day tanner or a longer-lasting formula, the tanning mitt ensures streak-free application and is so easy to use. You can apply your own tan and then help your friends to apply theirs before a night out, day at the beach or special occasion. No more stained hands from applying fake tan when you use this mitt - it's designed to make applying tan a breeze! Fake tan mitts are an essential tanning tool if you're serious about getting a natural finish from your tan, whatever brand you're using.