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A messy bun is a fantastic way to wear your hair for any occasion, giving you a relaxed look great for day or evening. Messy buns need to look as if they are thrown together in a carefree manner but in reality they can be fiddly to create. This is why time-saving fake buns are perfect for creating that ideal messy bun style. This great range of messy buns come from various designer brands, including Hair Couture by Sleek, Beauty Works, American Dream and Hot Hair, while the different fibres available mean you can create your own perfect hair piece with a choice of standard human hair, synthetic and Futura heat fibre. These beautiful messy bun styles are easily attached to your own hair using a draw string, then simply place your hair in the attached cup and the messy bun fits comfortably over your hair, saving you hours of styling time. The Swirly Bun by Hair Couture is ideal for wearing high on your head, with the synthetic hair swirled around the bun for a relaxed look; this mid-size, round bun is versatile with great texture. The Messy Bun by Beauty Works is ideal for wearing lower on the head; simply clip it in and secure with bobby pins for extra hold. The Swirled Bun by Hothair is a third choice with hair twirled around the bun for a carefree look. For those desiring real human hair, the American Dream Big Messy Bun gives that effortless messy bun instantly, with a huge range of colours available alongside the softness and versatility of 100% real human hair. The Beehive Bun by Beauty Works is another option for a large messy bun which looks good worn high or low, adding great volume and giving you instant celebrity glamour! Messy buns are easy to create with these great hair pieces, which all come in a wide choice of colours to give an instant up ‘do’ whenever you need it.