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Changing your hairstyle regularly to create a dramatic new look that does not necessitate having to wait months for your hair to grow is so much easier these days, thanks to the availability and affordability of the loof iron hair extension connector. The salon professional iron is used for fusing pre-bonded hair to your own hair. It comes with small grooves that make it suitable for all types of hair extension systems, such as keratin, silky straight hair, stick hair, pre-bonded hair such as U-tips and I-tips, hair bonding and nail hair. The iron has different functions, depending on how you want to style your hair and the extensions and bonds you choose to use. It is extremely versatile and realistic, so you can have salon professional results that will wow all of your family and friends. Unlike most changes of hairstyle, you are not stuck with it until it grows out. With hair extensions, you can experiment using different styles and update your look easily, when you fancy a change. The loof iron hair extension connector is simple to use and of the highest quality, making it ideal for both salon applications and personal use at home. The irons are lightweight and compact, and come in a range of colours and styles that look sleek and contemporary. The iron is easy to fit into your bag, so if you are going away overnight somewhere, and want to change the style of your hair, the iron allows you to do that simply and with minimum fuss. The extra long swivel cord with the iron gives it added convenience and flexibility. Safe and reliable, one of the bonus features of the loof iron hair extension connector is that it provides consistent heat delivery to your hair, with duel heat systems of both sides of the iron to improve efficiency and save you time. You can also adjust the temperature control of the iron, usually with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees and a minimum temperature of 80 degrees, putting you in complete control of styling your hair. If you are looking to add a bit of glamour to your hair, then a hair extension iron could be just the ideal thing to own to assist you.