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The sleek, tied back look is really in at the moment for both weddings and proms. For anyone whose hair isn't long enough, voluminous enough or just doesn't quite behave itself when it comes to styling, there are a number of options available. If you are looking for wedding hair pieces that will allow you to sport the bun style, there are a lot of good quality, affordable options available. The swirly bun from Hair Couture by Sleek is available in a range of colours to match your own hair colour. It is made with synthetic hair so it won't break the bank, and yet it is suitable for styling with tongs and has a silky and soft finish. Hothair also offer a swirled bun available in all colours, which is easy to clip in yourself by tying your own hair into a bun, fitting it over the top and securing it with the combs that are inside the bun. You can then use hairgrips to add extra security. If you prefer a messy bun, you might like to consider a human hair option from American dream. This takes seconds to fix in and can be used repeatedly. Beauty Works also offers a messy bun made from synthetic hair. A beehive option is also available from Beauty Works in the same material. If you are happy with your own hair being on display in your bun but you just don't have quite enough of it to create a voluminous look, it is worth considering the very affordable bun ring. These are available in black, brown and blonde in varying sizes, dependent on the style you are going for. Simply use this to shape your own hair into the bun you desire, adding size and volume. For prom hair pieces, both Hothair and Hair Couture by Sleek have clip-in ponytails that will add length to your own hair. If you would prefer a braid or other up-do, the range from Frankie Essex might be for you. These are designed to be simple and elegant, easily clipped in and staying fast. If you prefer big, tousled hair, you might prefer the Beauty Works hair piece that clips in to extend your hairstyle with waves of voluminous hair.