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For many people, hair extensions are a way of life. After all, you simply can’t feel on top of your game and brimming with confidence if you’re not happy with the way your hair looks. There is nothing worse than a bad hair day. For some of us though, having long, flowing locks or immaculate, voluminous hair just isn’t practical on a day to day basis. But this doesn’t stop us wanting to look our best on special occasions, and this is where hair extensions come into their own. For many brides to be, growing their hair long for the big day just isn’t an option. But they still want to have luscious locks when walking down the aisle, so wedding hair extensions are the perfect solution. The same goes for teenagers on prom night, when their usual practical school hair do just won’t live up to the job. This has driven an increase in the popularity of prom hair extensions and for both weddings and proms, there are a range of options available. For the bride to be or the serious prom queen, Beauty Works Remi human hair extensions are the obvious choice. They are available in a range of colours and styles, as weft extensions that are designed to look great and remain strong and well-conditioned even after heavy and repeated styling. The flexibility of the extensions allows them to be either professionally applied or clipped in for easy removal and repeated use. Beauty Works also offers a variety of colour rings, which can be both bought or loaned to match your shade. This allows you to choose the perfect colour of hair extensions for you. The colour ring can then be returned and the purchase price will be refunded. This allows you to be sure you are buying your wedding or prom hair extensions in the perfect colour to match your own hair, for a perfectly seamless effect. Human hair extensions are available in colours from blonde to ombre, through to dark browns, reds and coppers. Both wavy, voluminous styles and sleek, straight hair are available and they can then be styled as you wish.