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Indoor tanning lotions have gained in popularity by leaps and bounds since we realised the natural sun isn’t always the best thing we can do for our skin. Add to that the desire to maintain a healthy looking colour all year round, without looking like you’ve baked on the beach for a fortnight, and lotions that provide a gradual tan have been welcomed with open arms. The benefits of gradual tanning lotions when compared to most others are many. During the winter months, it’s easier to control the depth of tan you achieve since gradual tanners allow you to build up the effect over time. If your tan starts to look too deep for the time of year, leave it off for a few days and go back to ordinary moisturising lotions instead. This is particularly important for those with a fair complexion who can soon look over tanned with normal tanning products. Products such as those from Fake Bake have a range formulated especially for people with fair skin who don’t want an instant deep bronze effect. Another benefit that recommends gradual tan products over others is the scent, which is often more delicate and fragrant than that found in other tanning products. Having skin care and tanning potential all wrapped up neatly in one container is a big advantage too, since some gradual tanning products are deeply moisturising on their own. The ultimate benefit however is having complete control over the depth of your tan. If the effect you get isn’t deep enough, a second application will likely bring your tan to the required level. Maintaining a perfect all year round tan has never been easier, or more gentle and caring on your skin no matter what your skin type or how difficult you normally find tanning in the sun.