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There are many different types of hair extensions. One type is those that require gluing into natural hair. These types of hair extensions are more suited to semi-professionals. When using glue based hair extensions you will need a hair extension glue gun to make the job much easier. A Fusion Application Glue gun is used alongside Keratin 12mm glue sticks for permanent hair extensions as the glue secures them to natural hair. While this may sound daunting, it is actually not too difficult thanks to the gun. Using the hair extension glue gun is easy once you get the hang of applying the glue. This is best done on a flat surface and trimming the extension if needed to get a flat top. Put the glue stick into the back of the glue gun and make sure you push it in until it cannot go any further and then pre-heat the gun. When ready squeeze the trigger of the glue gun gently so that you get a small amount of glue on the end of the hair. You can use the guns tip to ensure that glue is around the quarter inch of hair at the top. Then use a hair extension iron to squeeze the glued tip and evenly disperse the glue. You can then apply the hair extension to your natural hair by lifting the top part of hair and moving it out of the way, this will fall back over the extension to make it look natural. Put a hair shield close to your scalp around a clump of hair a quarter inch in diameter and then put the hair extension with glued tip and position it. Press down for around three seconds to secure it in your hair. Thanks to the hair extension glue gun, putting hair extensions into your natural hair has never been easier.