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If you're tired of the same old look, or if you want an easy alternative to spending hours braiding longer hair then styling your hair just got even easier with this quick, inexpensive alternative! If you want to experiment with braiding your hair but lack the length and volume to style your own hair into a fishbraid, or if you just want to quickly adapt your look, then you need look no further - here at Paul's Hair & Beauty World we now stock a brand new range of fishtail braid extensions by one of the top names in the world of hair and beauty, Beauty Works - already styled into an attractive elastic headband that is available in a wide array of natural-looking colours from black to blonde, ready to match your natural hair colour and help you achieve a variety of looks. These fishtail braid extensions are made of synthetic hair and styled into an attractive braided elastic headband. If cared for according to the product instructions these can last for quite some time. Appropriate products are available elsewhere on this site - just visit the appropriate page or phone our helpline for advice on what to buy. Simply slip the fishtail braid extensions headband over loose hair - easily matched to your own colour from the wide range we have on offer here at Paul's Hair & Beauty World - for that up to date, gorgeous and casual BoHo look. This simple elastic hair band can create a wide variety of styles very simply and quickly, without the need for that expensive visit to a haircare professional. If you're unhappy with your purchase of Beauty Works fishtail hair extensions for any reason, simply return the product to us within seven days, along with its original packaging, for a replacement or refund without any fuss.