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Everyone wants to look good but we don’t all have the budget for diamonds or designer brands. The next best thing each of us already has is our hair, and happily, we can work wonders with that. Those with longer locks obviously have more choice with how they style their hair but a fishtail headband works even with shorter crops. And don’t worry that you will need to spend an eternity trying to plait or braid your own hair to get a glamorous look. An adjustable fishtail headband is all you need and it will give you glamour in seconds. Each synthetic hair piece will sit comfortably on your head and will blend nicely with your natural colour too. Ebony is the darkest of the range and this is followed by several variations of brunettes and blondes so there will be one that’s just right for you. The plait scoops around and leaves just a few inches of adjustable strap which can be easily hidden. Popular with celebrities, these headbands can be worn during the day to have lunch with the girls or in the evening to a special event, family party or date. Of course it may be that you just want to keep it as your Summer Festival style - and that's fine too. If you have long hair you have the option of styling your own intricate up-do that will also show off the plait or of course you can keep your hair down and wear it loose around the band. It's definitely a win win situation. This fabulous fishtail headband is easy to put in, maintain, change and style. It doesn't even matter if you want to change the colour of your hair because you will be able to change the braid to match too.