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DREADS Hair Sponge Is Used on Short or Long Hair and Is Perfect If You're Transitioning From Permed Hair While Rocking Your Teeny Weeny Air Fro For men and boys, its the perfect look to style uniformed coils without growing Dreads. Many times we see images from barbershops with guys with the curly look and wonder how they got it. It comes from DREADS Sponge by Elegant Knights. DREADS is the alternative for combing hair for babies and children. DREADS is often used by parents to give their children a natural and neat style without combing, brushing or using rubber bands. Your kids will love it as it stimulates and massages their scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. DREADS creates a flexible style where you can twist it, wash it out for a particular event, or vice versa. Perfect for athletes who want that quick, neat, and natural style just before a sporting event, working out or visiting the gym.