Crimping Irons

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The iconic 80s trend of hair crimping is back! Crimped hair is again being seen on the catwalks and in celebrity magazines. Hair crimpers are used to style your hair in many different ways; they can be used on all of the hair, for a statement look of eye catching accent crimps; underneath the top layer of hair for added volume or on random sections for added dramatic texture. Crimping irons have parallel heated plates, designed with a zig-zag repeated groove and are generally either ceramic or metal. Ceramic plates are much gentler on hair while heating. To protect your hair from heat damage while using crimping irons (or any hair styler using heat) you should make sure your hair is completely dry, and also use a leave in conditioner or a heat protection spray on your hair before crimping. To use, you simply take a thin section of hair and hold between the plates of the crimpers, hold firmly for approximately 5 seconds and then release the plates and spray lightly with hairspray to keep the waves in place. There are two main designs of crimping iron to choose from; there are smaller ones that are mainly used for giving texture, crimping small sections from the under layers of hair to create fullness and volume. The other main type of crimping iron is larger with wider plates; this type is typically used for all over crimping as it covers a larger section of hair at a time. There are different sizes of crimping plates to choose from to create small crimps or larger spaced waves. They are a fantastic way to quickly and simply update and modernise your hairstyle, great for a party or festival and when you want to go back to your original style, simply wash your hair!