Conical Wand

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Conical wands differ to curling tongs because, rather than having a straight barrel, the barrel is, as the name tells us, conical. The advantage of the conical wand over the curling tong is that the tapered shape allows you to vary the size and shape of your curls. For tighter curls you wrap small sections of your hair around the thinner end but if you want larger, looser curls you use the thicker base of the wand. A conical wand has a number of advantages over the curling tong, the chief one being that curls seem to last longer with conical wands. If you use your wand properly, the curls might even last for days rather than hours. A wand can also help to make your hair look sleek and shiny. The latest ceramic plates smooth the follicles of your hair, making it glow and helping to control frizz. The temperature can also be higher on a wand than on tongs which is an advantage if you have very thick, strong hair. The heat tends to be more even which will protect finer hair. Some people also prefer the wand to the tong for curling hair because the barrels tend to be longer which is particularly useful if you have mid to long length hair. If you want one of the most reliable and versatile conical wands available today, Cloud 9’s curling hair conical wand will not disappoint. Great for voluptuous waves and curls, they use the latest technology, are very reliable and come with a year’s guarantee. They have three heat settings: the coolest is best for very fine hair. Cloud 9 wands also come with a very useful heat proof glove that you must wear as you style your hair. This allows you to touch the wand as you wrap your hair around it, giving you greater control over your curls and preventing you from getting a nasty burn. Cloud 9 wands also come with a heat proof mat so that you can lay your wand down whenever you need to and wherever you need to without worrying about scorching surfaces or fabrics. There is also a protective heat guard for you to slip over the wand as it cools down when you have finished using it.