Clip On Fringe

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Wearing a clip in fringe is such a quick and easy way to change your appearance that for many there's no longer any reason to cut an actual fringe into your hairstyle. Gone are the all or nothing days of having to make the decision to cut a fringe, and gone are the months it takes to grow out when you decide you want a change. For a special occasion or just for a party, a clip on fringe add instant, temporary drama to your hairstyle How to get a natural look Human hair clip in fringes are the most natural looking of all, and allow more styling options than some synthetic fibre alternatives. Human hair can be heat styled just as you would your own hair, allowing for more versatile and personalised styling opportunities. Colour matching is another vital aspect to take into consideration in order to keep people guessing about how you plucked up the courage to cut a fringe. When the clip on fringe perfectly blends with your natural hair, only you will ever know the fringe is a temporary addition. Choose a colour that's closest to your natural colour for the best, most natural result. Ease of fitting A clip in fringe is designed to be easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Most fringes have three clips which secure the hairpiece to your natural hair, allowing natural movement and invisible security. Simply position the fringe where it feels most comfortable after placing a centre parting in your hair. You can lengthen or shorten the effect of the fringe of the fringe on the forehead by placing the clips in different positions on your natural hair. When the clip on fringe is where you want it, simply comb or style your own hair to blend in with the fringe extension If you love the idea of wearing a fringe but don't want the long term commitment of cutting your natural hair, human hair fringe extensions, or a clip in fringe made from other fibres provides a chic alternative that's quick and easy to fit, comfortable to wear and completely natural looking when fitted properly.