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If you want beautiful, pre-raphaelite curls or glamorous waves worthy of any celebrity, you will need a great curling tong or wand. Those with a ceramic barrel are particularly good at the job of curling hair. The ceramic barrel heats up very quickly, usually within 20 seconds, and, because it is so smooth, your hair glides over it as it curls, which smooths the follicles of your hair, adding extra gloss and shine. If you want tight, corkscrew curls, start winding your hair around the barrel of the tongs as close to your head as you can. If you prefer luxurious waves, wind your hair around the barrel further along the hair length. It is important to select a reliable brand when you are choosing your curler. We stock tongs by Babyliss and Cloud 9, both brands favoured by hairstylists. Ceramic is a particularly good material for tongs, not only because it heats quickly and smooths the hair as it curls, but also because the heat distribution is very even. You don't want to damage your hair when you curl it, so tongs that are evenly heated are a must. All our tongs have a number of different heat settings. If your hair is very fine, you should always select a lower heat setting. 170 C is usually about right. Thicker hair can tolerate higher temperatures and so 220 C is often recommended. What size ceramic hair curling wand should you choose? It all depends on the size of curl or wave you after. We stock the Babyliss Pro Ceramic in two sizes, for example. The 24 mm curling tong is ideal if you want looser curls or waves but the 16 mm version is better if you want smaller, tighter curls. The Babyliss also features a temperature dial which allows you to select from 25 heat settings. The tong also comes with an integral stand that prevents you from burning your surfaces. Cloud 9 are our top of the range ceramic curling tongs and wands. They also feature a safety stand, one touch heat control, and an ultra smooth ceramic plate. Their ergonomic designs are a pleasure to use and guarantee smooth, vibrant, bouncy curls every time.