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If you want your hairstyle to turn heads then adding some bright colours is the perfect way to get noticed. Paul's Hair World has a fabulous selection of colourful hair accessories to instantly change your look. A bright wig gives your hair an instant makeover and is the perfect way to achieve a vibrant effect. Unlike colouring your hair, which can be tricky if your natural colour is very dark, a wig offers the option to change your look as often as you like with no colour fade. Top brand LA Trend has a variety of funky styles to experiment with. The Marta is a modern layered pixie cut available in a choice of several colours, including pink, blue, gold, red and purple. For an edgy look, try the Joanne. This short asymmetrical style features a smooth layer underneath with a striking top layer of tight curls to one side. With a dark base and a choice of bright tips, including red, purple and blue, this takes the dip-dye trend to a whole new level. For simple, short colourful chic, opt for the Hollie or the Maddie, two striking styles perfect for all face shapes. If you prefer a slightly longer style, the sleek bob of the Evita wig is extremely flattering. Featuring a short back with longer hair at the front to prettily frame the face, dark roots blend into bright colours for a stylish wig that instantly adds glamour. Colourful hair extensions are another option to transform your hairstyle. Bright pink or purple hair extensions from leading brand Sleek is available in a range of lengths and can be fitted in a variety of ways, including cold bonding, clipping and hot fusion. Feather hair extensions are one of the hottest new trends and give your hair a boho look perfect for festivals. For a fast, fresh colour boost, try braids from Sensationnel. There is huge selection of colours and they can be simply fitted and styled alongside your own hair. Whether you prefer pink and blue or green, orange, yellow, bright colours add a vibrant touch to your natural hair shade. Wigs or extensions are a great way to stand out from the crowd and create a look with instant impact.