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Big hair is beautiful hair, but there are times when your natural locks need a little extra boost in order to get the volume you want. Whether you want a bouffant beehive for a night out or a long, sleek ponytail to add a little oomph to your look, there are so many hair options out there you’ll want to try a new style every day. Blondes will love our range of hair pieces, all carefully designed to match a variety of shades and colours. So from bright platinum to dark blonde, you will find something to enhance your natural hair, blending in effortlessly. Blonde hair extensions are always popular, adding thickness and volume without drastically changing your style. Weave them into your own hair so they look completely natural. Many of these are made from blonde human hair, so you won’t get a synthetic or unnatural finish to your style. If you are looking for a complete style overhaul then a wig is your best option. Perhaps you want to go from brunette or redhead to a glamorous blonde just for one night, or you just fancy having another hair option once in a while. Wigs can transform your look completely, giving you not only a different colour but a completely different style. For something a little less drastic, you could try a blonde clip in. Whether you choose from a long ponytail, a curly hairpiece or a clip in fringe, you can discreetly change your look temporarily, easily removing the hairpiece at the end of the day. This is a brilliant way of trying several new looks without dramatically changing your natural hairstyle. There are so many different types of blonde, ranging from white, ash, dark, bleach blonde and platinum. It really is important to match your shade as carefully as possible if you want to avoid the two tone effect, so ask your hairdresser what will suit you best. Hair pieces can look completely natural and blend in easily with your own hair, so as friends enviously wonder how you achieved your bouncy bouffant, the secret’s safe with you.