Zipper Face FX Kit - Now In Store!

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Since the rise in makeup artists online, youtube tutorials are a plenty and that means everyone is stepping up their Halloween games and going bold with the old outfits! Out with the bin bag witches and zombie school girls with your old school tie, make way for the ever increasingly frightening zipper face! A Halloween look that's frightening even for the Horror fanatic but yet really simple to create!

zipper face

In stock NOW, only in store is the FX zipper face kit, a complete kit containing everything you need to create this look! Creepy has never been so easy! This look gives the impression that you zip your face up on the daily, zip it down to reveal blood and gore a plenty! Horrible stuff for this Halloween!! This kit has everything you need, it even includes a sachet of fake blood and a sachet of spirit gum remover so that you are easily able to remove the zipper when you've freaked out too many people! Watch this video for an easy tutorial on how to create this frightening look! freaky in a flash! Tag us on our instagram if you use this kit, we'd love to see your freakish zipper faces!

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