Zerreau - Towel off shampoo now ON SALE


There are still a few festivals left this year, if you're a fan of the week long festival and you grabbed an early bird ticket then you'll probably want to pick up a bottle of Zerreau to freshen up your locks/hair before your brace the festival bathrooms. A product perfect for any hair type and easily packed away weather it in a handbag, duffel bag at the gym or backpack on your travels, never be without Zerreau and get washed anywhere!


 This is a brand new concept that works like dry shampoo but better, this bottle of towel off lands somewhere between actually washing your hair with shampoo and using dry shampoo. This is a wet foam that helps to remove product build up such as hairspray and wax, without water! Simply spray on foam, massage and comb through the length then dry off with a dry towel. It's as easy as that! Available in two different scents : strawberry and apple.


Click here to be taken to the website. Product is currently on sale for £2.99


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