Winter 2017 - January hair colours to have!

Winter is a time to bring out those warmer tones, we aren't getting the glow we all desire from 3 hours of sunlight, so we bring out those golden browns and red tones for a healthy glow when it snows. January 2017 is all about pinkish hues, warm browns and red tones, Celebrities are changing it up to lead the way and giving us lashings of winter inspiration! Rose Gold rose gold hairrrrr Rose gold tresses had a place early winter 2016 with Kylie Jenner shocking the masses wearing a long rose gold wig, a subtle hint of pinkish hues gives even the brassiest blonde a new lease of life. This is a trend that's stuck firm and crawling its way into 2017, Ellie goulding, Ellie fanning and katy perry have all been seen with the bubblegum shade and it seems every year it draws in a new face! Personally, my favourite person to rock this look is Cara Delavigne, this shade just gives off that cool girl, i just woke up, i dont care too much kind of look and i love that! Is this somthing you'd consider doing? Check out my previous posts on rose Gold hair and what to use! Teracotta Red teracotta hairrr Red tones are always in when it comes to the colder months, those rustic vibes remind us of warmer times and add a glow most of us lack when the sun hides. There's many tones of red which means there's definatley a red to suit your skin tone, orange reds are my favourite but it seems this winter a blue toned red is in trend! Teracotta Red is the go to red shade for winter 2017, if you have warm toned skin then this is definatley a red for you! Lindsey Lohan pulls this colour off fantastically, definatley feeling those glam vibes! Natural Black elle-natural-black-comp Last year we saw Jet Black become a style statment, however this years winter is mostly about enhancing the natural beauty we all have, makeup is even taking a turn towards the natural side with brows less defined, lips just glossed and tousled hair making a big comeback. It seems rocking your natural hair colour is on the rise, celebrities such as Shay Mitchell and even Rihanna have been seen recently rocking their off black, natural locks. Chocolate Ombre chocolate ombre It seems the barely there ombre is in for winter, those hot chocolate brown tones are so rich they leave us feeling warm and fabulous when the weather is anything but. Ombre is usually a dark root and blonde ends but this time the natural ombre is in! Again, natural seems to be a common theme with 2017 trends and this is a colour combo that screams effortless, natural beauty. A dark brown at the root, rich chocolate on the length, blends seamlessly and is just subtle enough to pass as natural gradient giving you the ultimate effortlessly cool vibes.  
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