Winter 2016! Pink Hair trend - what to buy?

gallery-1471267124-perrie-edwards-pink-hair If you haven't already noticed the rise in pink coloured hair among the celebrities this winter then check out Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwins new color as evidence! If that isn't enough to convince you there's a trend forming then take a look at the little Mix Star, Perrie Edwards and her pink transition above! It seems that ditching the darker shades in the darker seasons is on the rise, i for one am buzzing over this! What better way to brighten up your winter months than adding a bold, bright, splash of color into your life. Adding a hue to your blonde shade is a great way to switch things up when you're feeling a bit dull, there's tonnes of products out there all claiming to give you these pastel pink vibes and here is just a few. Crazy-Color-Candy-Floss-Pink 72970-a 1467647114_800_800 Crazy Colour is a brand most people in the bold hair world will recognize, it's a brand of semi permanent colors which are mostly unnatural, vivid, shades such a pinks, blues and purples. They do have the odd natural color but it's not what they're known for. These 3 shades i think would be perfect for the pink 2016 trend, each one is subtle enough to not cause staring but bold enough to feel like you've spruced up your look. These colors are tangy, pack a real pink punch and as they are semi permanent they will fade fast if you don't feel like you like the look on yourself. 012116-hilary-duff-hair-transformation Hillary Duff with pastel pink hair, November 2016. All of these colours are available to purchase online or in store. Each bottle is £3.49
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