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What is the difference between Remy & Remi Hair Extensions

Remi Hair Extensions

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to explain the difference between standard and Remy / Remi Hair Extensions. Basically Remi and Remy are the same thing it just depends on the manufacturer as to weather they spell it with a I or a Y. The durability and performance of hair extensions are greatly determined by the type of hair it is. Cuticle hair (Remi / Remi) lasts triple the time of partial cuticle hair (European Style / Indian). Ranges By Hair Type Cuticle hair Brazilian, Remy Couture, Style Icon, Remi Goddess, Beauty Works, Boutique, Outre Velvet. Partial Cuticle Hair Sleek EuropeanSleek Indian, Universal European, Hairaisers Blue Label, Hairaisers SuperModel, Sensationnel Premium Now Euro, Beauty Works Luxury Lengths We always recommend that our customers buy Remi / Remy (Cuticle correct hair) as it will last up to 3 times longer that partial cuticle hair. Cuticle correct hair provides the following benefits and consequently lasts longer than regular hair;
  • During the processing, all cuticles are carefully aligned in the same direction in which the hair would grow from root to tip. This makes the hair less likely to tangle, long lasting and is easier to maintain.
  • Reflects light giving a healthier look
  • Can be coloured (results not guaranteed)
Regardless of the hair type, all extensions require a concentrated hair care regime to help them stay in good condition. Washing and heat styling will have an effect of the life or any hair extensions. Do
  • Detangle and brush twice a day, starting by detangling the ends and move up to detangle the mid section and then the roots.
  • Apply a serum or leave in conditioner daily, silicone based is good for the extensions.
  • Loosely plait them at night time or put into loose bunches.
  • Use a 100% silk or satin pillow case.
  • Use heat protector each time you heat style.
  • Use good quality shampoo and conditioner 
  • Use a hair extension brush
  • Wash more than once a week. (you can use dry shampoo or just wash your top section if you need to)
  • Apply excessive heat as it is in effect dead hair and it will break.
  • Use products that contain alcohol.
  • excessively brush as this will cause shedding.
Thanks for reading :-) ♥
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