What Makeup Suits my Eye Colour?

In our last post we took a look at what hairstyles best suit each face shape, and now we are continuing our quest to make sure every girl always looks her best with our essential guide on makeup that will suit your eye colour. While the colour of your eyes will always mean that certain beauty looks may suit you more than others, remember it is also about having fun and putting your own unique style into every beauty look. Why not test out these beauty looks for yourself with this fun Yahoo Virtual Makeover Tool – simply upload a photo to try out all kinds of beauty and hair looks! Makeup to Suit your Eye Colour… Whether you have green, blue, brown or hazel eyes, your eye colour can play a big part in the way that makeup looks on you – and whether it actually suits you! To make a beauty look work for you, it is all about choosing eye shadow colours that not only complement the colour of your eyes but also enhance your eyes for a gorgeous finish. For blue eyes, it is best choosing paler hues such as light golds and greyish browns. These colours are great for creating a natural day look and can be enhanced with a warm bronze shadow for evening to create a smoky eye effect. If you have green eyes you will certainly suit dark greens, greys as well as yellow-toned beiges. The vibrant colour of green eyes means that they look great with equally vivid eye colours such as bold purples. To make the unique colour of hazel eyes stand out, choose eye colours such as browns, lilacs or purples – try creating a bold look by mixing a neutral hue with a bolder, darker purple. Anyone with brown eyes is lucky in the fact that this eye colour can pretty much carry off any eye shadow colour. The best choice for brown eyes is dark browns and khakis. If you are looking to mix up your beauty look and try out new colours, the best way to do it is to use a multi-colour eye shadow palette, at Pauls Hair World we have a fantastic selection of Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes which come with a combination of complementing colours to help you discover different eye shadow combinations that are perfect for natural day looks and smoky yet sophisticated evening looks.
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