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Gel nails have been on the finger tips of the masses this past year, the long wearing alternative to nail polish has been everywhere and I for one have dabbled into the world of gel nails and loved it! Gel nail is another type of artificial nail, such as acrylic nails but their appearance is of a more natural look. Gel nails are a lot more flexible than an acrylic nail and gel nail varnish can be used on top of natural nails to help give them strength. Pauls hair world now have a selection of Gel nail varnishes that are perfect for answering your gel nail needs and dreams! Introducing, Well Gel Nails!


Well Gel is a brand of gel nail varnishes that we now have in stock! These nail varnishes have to be cured with an LED light system of a UV lamp otherwise the formula will not harden into a gel, the rays from these types of lamps helps the nail varnish to cure. There are many colours to choose from, each nail varnish is coloured using natural pigments and some of the fancier ones are mixed with glitters! Are you as excited as I am? These nail varnishes are 100& Toxic and solvent free and because of this there is literally no odour when using them, no need to wear a mask so that's a bonus if there ever is one! Using one of the curing lamps, these nail varnished cure within 30 seconds and only take 6 minutes to remove! Super fast, easy and can give you up to 4 weeks of bold colour chip and fade free! Unlike most other nail varnishes, these gel varnishes contain keratin proteins which help to nourish and strengthen your nail throughout your gel nail duration! As they are made from mostly natural ingredients, these again unlike other gel nails are perfectly safe for expecting mothers!



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