#WEAVETRUTH PHW Beaded Weave VS Braided Weave!

Hey Everyone! We decided to do a feature on the difference between the 2 most popular types of weaves, and why they are so different/what is better for your hair from our experiences as stylists and extension specialists, as well as a lot of feedback from our loyal & regular customers! So, you’ve decided to treat yourself to some hair extensions for that special occasion, or you’re just fed up of putting your good old faithful clip in’s in day in and day out. You’ve heard of weaves from a friend or a stylist, But you’re a bit unsure of what it actually is? Correct? We’re here to clear up some info for you! Some of the scary thing’s you’ll hear about weaves (which aren’t necessarily true) are!
  • Oh no, Don’t get that, It’ll ruin your hair! We promise, as stylists, it won’t ruin your hair! Nobody wants you to be happy with your new luscious long mane more than we do. We will conduct a thorough consultation with you before we start the procedure. If you can’t have the method you’ve asked for  for reasons such as your hair is too short, your hair is too damaged or your hair is too fine etc, or we think it may cause you or your hair any harm.. Your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another service and we will give you further advice on how to look after or improve the condition of your hair.
  • You can’t sleep for a week once you’ve had a weave! If this is happening, you need to have a serious word with the stylist whom fitted the hair for you. You should be able to feel them, but not so much that it would cause you any long periods of discomfort. It will definitely take some getting used to BUT.. It’s nothing damaging to your hair or your scalp. You should be asked when the consultation is conducted if you are allergic to nickel or silicone, as both are used when fitting an PHW Beaded Weave. If so, we will think of an alternative for you.
  • All of your hair falls out when you take it out.. You will only loose whatever hair you would usually loose. Per day the average woman looses between 150 and 300 hairs per day. When you have a weave in some of the hairs that should come out, will be held in by the rings or braid.. whichever method you have chosen. When the weave is taken out, The hair that should have come out during that time will come with it!
  • What's the difference between the PHW Beaded weave and a Braided weave? The main difference is that the PHW Beaded weave has been designed for European hair. The original Braided weave was designed for Afro Caribbean or very coarse hair. They both involve sewing and They both last the same amount of time.. Contrary to the opinion of some stylists which may tell you different. We mainly fit the PHW Beaded Weave at our stores and salons as this is THE MOST POPULAR method of hair extension fitting. 1 in 60 appointments will be a braided weave and we usually explain why the PHW Beaded weave is better and the client changes their mind. You of course can decide for yourself by doing your own research, but we are only here to tell you what we think is a better decision as stylists. Overall.. They cost the same. The fitting is flatter with the PHW Beaded weave meaning customers can tie up their hair with more ease and it feels more comfortable.
weave bar diffrence small Here's a few before and afters from the Weave Bar in Manchester to show you how fabulous they can look when completed! We have bookings available most days in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.. More information can be found on Our Website!  You can also call Customer Services on 0161 839 0708 to speak to an assistant. 1 2 3 4 5    
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