Weave methods we use in store!

hhhrOur weave bars are packed with fully qualified and experienced staff to take on your hair needs, each member of staff is confident in completing various methods of hair extension fittings so that all of your extension needs are met! Here is a little more information on the weaving methods that we use in store, just so you're a little more clued up on what you should be asking for if you are looking to book an appointment! beaded weave Beaded Weave -  The method of fitting shown above is called a beaded weave, this weaving method is generally used for finer hair as once the hair is attached the fitting lies flat against your scalp and is easier to hide. A beaded weave starts by attaching a row of silicone micro rings to your own hair, like the picture shown above, this fitting means the weave is a lot more flexible than other methods and allows the scalp to breathe. Increased flexibility means that this weave is perfect for somebody who likes to wear their hair up a lot, the weave will lie flat against their heads without any bumps and you generally aren't able to see the rings once the weave is fitted. This is the most common method of weave in our stores, all girls are fully trained and experienced when fitting this weave and get flawless results each time! This weave method is £15 per row for fitting, this excludes any hair. How many rows you will need depends on the thickness of your own hair and how long you want your extensions to be , if you come in store one of our hair extension technicians will be able to advise you properly on how many rows would be suited to you. braided Braided weave - A braided weave is similar method of fitting to a beaded weave but it doesn't require the use of micro rings! This method is typically used on people who have thick hair or Afro hair, as the track is plaited rather than beaded, this is a way to braid up the bulk of a persons hair to allow their weave to blend better. A tight braid is plaited in a track, the same way as a beaded weave would be sectioned out. This method can be quite tight in the first few days, there is a chance you will struggle to wear your hair up without any kinks as the bulk of the braid can usually cause a bump. This bump is the same reason as to why we probably wouldn't recommend this method of extensions for somebody who has fine hair. Many people prefer this method as the weave feels tighter, more secure but it generally lasts around 8 weeks, the same as the beaded weave. This too is £15 per row in our weave bar, this excludes any hair and we would recommend for you to come in store for a free consultation to learn how much hair you would need.  
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