Wag In A Bag! 2 for £25 or £15 each!


Have you ever wanted more volume, more bounce, more curl in the click of a finger? Well now you can! Wag in a bag is a synthetic quarter piece that you can simply clip in and clip out whenever you feel you need that extra bit of oomph. Perfect for a night out with the girls, some extra length on that fish tail plait, some extra volume to your curly blow dry, these are pretty much perfect for every occasion!

IMG_7106-768x512 These wag in a bag pieces are made of synthetic hair,  they come in 3 different styles and 2 different lengths. The straight style is the shortest length that they do, it's shoulder length and really straight. These pieces can be straightened or curled with a heating element if it is used below 180 degrees, just make sure you use all of the synthetic aftercare to keep your piece looking top notch!  Flicky is the second style these pieces come in and it's a little bit longer than the straight one, again this can be heat styled but only within the guidelines. The last style they come in would be curly and that's generally the same length as the flicky style. If you come in store, feel free to ask one of the sales advisers to show you the difference between the lengths!


The hair on these pieces is sewn onto a lace weft ( pictured above ), this minimizes any hair shedding from the clip in piece. Due to the high volume of hair that is used on these, they need a secure fitting as there's 10 wefts of hair on here they're super weighty and voluminous. The lace weft also means that the clips are attached even more securely, allowing the thick hair piece to clip to your own hair without slipping or pulling down any style you decide to style it into!


Fishtail plait created using curly Wag In Bag. These pieces come in a range of different colors, in each style and length. I'd advise you to come in store and get matched up as they are synthetic it's quite difficult to purchase something that's a perfect match. Wag in a bag are £15 each but if you were to buy 2 of them then it would be £25. BARGAIN. Purchase online here. 

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