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Hi Guys, It is not just about what we put in our mouths, its also about what your body comes into contact with. Most everyday skin care products have a worrying amount of chemicals in them and most people do not have a clue. We are products of our environment and with illness and disease on the increase, lots of people are questioning why this would be. My first issue I found when I turned Vegan was the amount of products I was using that were not Vegan-friendly so I embarked on a mission to replace all my cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant ect ect. No one is saying this has to be done straight away, you can replace your products as and when they run out to save you money. My top buy is Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil. What do I use it for?
  • I put 2 spoons in my bath so when I get out my skin is super soft. ( I have replaced my bubble bath)
  • I use it to remove my makeup (replaced make up remover)
  • All over body moisturiser (replaced body moisturiser & face moisturiser)
  • Cooking Oil
  • Deep Conditioner.  I Add a spoon full to my conditioner ( I found it too greasy to use on its own)
  • I use it for oil pulling to clean my teeth
  • I recently got a new tattoo which I use Coconut Oil on
  • After Sun & sunscreen but it is only SPF 4 so you might want to try an Organic sunscreen with a higher SPF. I use Aloe Pura which can be purchased from Holland & Barrett
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Cooking in general, coconut oil gives a rich flavour
  • Homemade Mayo
  • Lip Balm
  • Shaving ( I replaced my shaving foam )
  • Eczema treatment
I know that there are many more uses for Coconut oil as my friend uses it as a nappy cream and her daughter has never had nappy rash. If you want to embark on a Vegan-Friendly lifestyle then Coconut Oil is the 1st product you should buy as it has so many uses and will replace a huge amount of your current products. Here are our Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products Here are our Cruelty-Free Hair Care Products any questions? email me        
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