VEGAN - Natural Health Harmony - NEW PRODUCTS IN STOCK!

naqturalhealthharm Natural Health Harmony, a brand sourced from mother nature herself gives you luxurious, rich products without the guilt. A selection of unrefined body butters will help you and your health reach a perfect harmony, formulated to nourish and revitalise your skin and can help you overcome skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dry skin. Every product created gives the universe a great big hug, these chemical free products are Vegan friendly, toxic free and completely organic they are also naturally fragranced and you can tell, they smell so fresh and fruity perfect for an awakening wash in the morning! As a result of their care in creating products that are natural and chemical free, they are suitable for all skin tones and and all ages so everyone in your family including the youngest can benefit from these beautifu unrefined butters, organic oils and 100% natual body scrubs. IMG_4986-e1476534323678 Cold Pressed Virgin organic coconut oil 500 ml. Avocado oil cold pressed 200ml. Organic Shea Butter 200ml. All products pictured are listed above, more products by this fabulous brand are available to be purchased from our website or in store.  Click here to be taken to the website. If you are interested in any skin care advice for the winter months then check out my recent skin care blogs here.    
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