Valentines Pamper session!


Valentines day is just around the corner, whether you have a special someone or you're hoping to attract the glare of Romeo without the lure of an ivy covered Juliet balcony, you're going to want to be feeling and looking your absolute best. Let's face it, legit pamper sessions in spa pools with hot stone massage and mud facials for afters are pretty pricey, so do it at home on the cheap and feel just as fabulous! The night before should be all about hair and face masks, hot bath with your favorite moisturizer, nail painting, glamming yourself up for a dishy dinner date with your significant other or a night on the tiles. Group_Shot_large (1)

Start your night off with a Queen Helene facial scrub to get that skin glowing without candle light, available in a range of difference scents and formulas for different types of skin means that there's one that's perfect for your skin whether it be oily, dry or both. Soak a wash cloth in hot water and place over your face for a few minutes, this really opens your pores which allows the scrub to really get in there and clean out any rubbish.  Pictured are the Queen Helene facial scrubs we stock, i personally love these because they're really gritty. I love a really harsh scrub that feels like it gets all up in there, making everything super clean. They genuinely feel like they are working as you scrub, sloughing off all those dead cells and revealing fresh, glowing skin underneath! They smell great and a little goes a long way! Available in store and also online here. 


After you've scrubbed off all that dull skin you should use a face mask to help tighten those pores reducing black heads in the future. This is a really great one for doing just that, Palmer's cocoa butter formula is packed with essential oils that help to unclog your pores and draw out impurities. Enriched with natural almond oil means that your skin is being deeply nourished through the duration of your masks drying time meaning your skin isn't left feeling dry and tight. This mask has a cooling feeling, evening primrose oil, chamomile extracts and Aloe Vera calm the skin, so it's perfect for use after a rough face scrub like the Queen Helena above. Smooth the luscious mask onto damp skin - avoiding the eye area - and allow the Kaolin Clay to gently dry whilst the natural active ingredients take effect. Suitable for all skin types. Usage instructions: Leave on up to 10 minutes and rinse with water. PURCHASE HERE. 


Time to treat your hair ready for the valentines day styling session, curling wand and straighteners will be out in full force and you want your locks to be looking their best. Use this Berber oil restoration mask to deeply nourish your hair and lock in all the moisture and hydration your hair needs. This mask replenishes lost elasticity to prevent split ends and breakage, ensuring your hair is smooth as can be and in its best condition before your valentines ventures. Split end free means your hair will be silky smooth, soft and easy to manage and style leaving you stress and frizz free! PURCHASE HERE. astral200ml

Fresh out of a hot bubble bath, moisturizing is your main concern! Definatley recommend Astral original, a really thick, rich moisturizing cream perfect for dry skin and even can be used on sensitive skin or skin with eczema. This is all the intense moisturizing care your skin needs. The nourishing and protective formula is so effective, it's never had to change. Astral is an all over moisturizer. Use on hands, face and body for intense skin moisturizing protection. PURCHASE HERE. 

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