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Gone are the days of overpriced curly blows sitting bored in a salon chair, now you can have salon quality blow drying sessions in your own home whilst you pre drink with your friends and dance around to music. The Pro Blo curl me is a super easy way to get insane volume, tons of texture and gorgeous glamorous curls without a salon technique or training.


The Pro Blo consists of 6 detachable ceramic brush barrels in various sizes, a Curl Me handle, clips and travel bag. There area a range of sizes available in the ceramic barrels so you have an ability to create various sized curls,volume, shine and smoothness whatever the length of your hair. Larger barrels are used to create more volume and smaller ones for tighter curls. Varying in size adds a lot more texture than using all one size, curls fold into themselves and it adds a tonne more volume and glamour nearer to the roots. The different brush sizes are: (2x small (34mm), 2x medium (45mm) and 2x large (55mm). The Curl Me handle is easily detached from the barrel, allowing the barrel to remain in the hair until the hair has cooled, allowing you to dry and style at the same time, this method locks in the style and gives you the perfect blow dry.


Using a hairdryer dry your hair till you feel it is 60% - 80% dry. Section hair into small sections and attach the barrel to the handle (ensure you push the button when attaching). Blow dry pulling the brush from root to end. Wrap the dried section around the barrel, rolling it up from root to end, use a clip to hold the barrel in place and detach handle by pushing the easy release button. Repeat step 3 until all your hair is rolled up. Leave barrels to set until hair is cool. Remove barrels one by one in a upwards motion, unwinding the hair from the barrel slowly. *Warning: Ceramic brush barrels may be hot during/after applying heat from the hairdryer. Pro Blo do not recommend CurlME on really long hair, due to the hair being wrapped around the barrel. Purchase here.
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