Valentines Day - Gift Guide for her!


Cupid and his bow are approaching fast, valentines day is just around the corner and if you're anything like me you're a last minute shopper who spends the majority of the day before, flapping around various shopping centers and leaving with just a card. Be wise this year, do your research and save yourself the unnecessary shopping stress and purchase of petrol station flowers. Anything beauty related is a good choice, what girl doesn't appreciate a brand new pair of straighteners? A new fragrance perhaps? New lipstick or hair care set? There are tons of beauty related gifts that will have your lady in question feeling glam and happy this valentines! Here are some of my favorite things to gift this year!

GHD Copper Collection Straighteners - £135.99


This styler operates at a temperature between 175 and 185 degrees, GHD exclusive tri zone technology makes sure that this set of straighteners maintains a constant temperature of 185 which is the best styling temperature to maintain healthy hair. This is the technology that gives you those extra sleek, smooth results full of shine everyday. This gift set arrives with a copper luxe heat-resistant bag, in a rush or travelling then this makes it super easy and sleek to pack away and take away.  

Beauty Works Gift Set - £44.99kjds

Maintain healthy hair and hair extensions with the Beauty Works Argan Moisture Repair Gift Set, perfect for a valentines gift. This set will leave hair feeling revitalized, full of body and shine with a range of different products. The Gift set includes a heat protection spray to help protect your hair from any heat damage leaving you to freely style your hair however you want with any heating element. Smooth over your style by running some of the argan oil serum over the length and ends for the perfect mixture of hydration and shine. The shampoo and conditioner come in sulfate free or low sulfate so there's a gift set for extensions and one suitable for without. Use the deep repairing conditioning mask on when your hair needs an extra bit of loving!

Well Gel Chrome Powder - £12.99



chrome nails are on the hands of everyone and anyone, they're fast becoming the go to manicure.! A manicure technique that doesn't require the advanced tools to complete e.g UV Lamp, acrylic powder etc, just a black nail varnish as a base coat and you're good to go! Perfect for home use, quick and easy and even great on natural nails! 33 different colors are available so we have every color you can think of to create your mermaid, unicorn, mirror chrome nails.

Well Gel kit - £14.99 581576-2dfc58ee-d5b5-11e3-a788-f9855f7e436a

Gel nail is another type of artificial nail, such as acrylic nails but their appearance is of a more natural look. Gel nails are a lot more flexible than an acrylic nail and gel nail varnish can be used on top of natural nails to help give them strength. These nail varnishes have to be cured with an LED light system of a UV lamp otherwise the formula will not harden into a gel, the rays from these types of lamps helps the nail varnish to cure. There are many colours to choose from, each nail varnish is coloured using natural pigments and some of the fancier ones are mixed with glitters! These nail varnishes are 100& Toxic and solvent free and because of this there is literally no odour when using them, no need to wear a mask so that's a bonus if there ever is one! Using one of the curing lamps, these nail varnished cure within 30 seconds and only take 6 minutes to remove! Super fast, easy and can give you up to 4 weeks of bold colour chip and fade free!

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