Try glitter roots this halloween


Festivals are pretty much over for this year, ticket lines are announcing dates for the year ahead and every shop is now restocked with tents and wellies. Feather extensions, flower crowns and denim shorts are back in the midst of your closet but who said glitter roots have to stop?! Glitter roots were big last year, from Miley Cyrus to kendall jenner, every beauty blogger of youtube got involved with this fun and easy trend! Why should it stay in 2015? Bring it back this halloween! The month of ghosts and ghouls is almost here and i for one will be using this occasion to cover my head in a boat load of orange and black glitter and not be frowned upon when in the supermarket buying buckets full of sweets.


Glitter roots is a really fun, easy and fast way to disguise a missed trip to the hairdressers or to jazz up your current look. Any night you want to add a bit of 90's sparkle too, you can do it in a heartbeat. Inexpensive, everything you will need is widely available and affordable even on a budget.

tumblr_o7sc2wfHUS1u8ym2no1_500 To

create the glitter roots, you will need :

  • A pin tail comb -  You will need your parting to be as perfect as can be, maybe even jazz that up with a little zig zag action. Pin tail combs are 99p at Pauls Hair world, linked above.
  • Elastics plain or coloured - any hair elastic or bobble will be fine but if you want to inject a little more Halloween flare then you can use fancy coloured bobbles for your space buns. Available to purchase online or in store at Pauls.
  • Spray in/out colour - Any colour you like can be used, I'm going to be using colours that are associated with Halloween, maybe like a pumpkin orange, candy corn yellow, snot green, blood red or ghostly grey. All colours available in store! Spray onto your roots, along your parting in desired colour and wait to dry. Colour spray is available in store or online at Pauls Hair World, link is above to purchase online.
  • Hairspray - This is used to secure the glitter to your roots and keep the style in place. Variety of hair sprays available online and again in store.
  • Sequins or glitter - Sequins and glitter, any colour, any size, the chunkier the better. Mix them up for a funkier look. Spiders, witches cats, pumpkins, there are a variety of Halloween sequins available, mix with an orange glitter and you're good to go. Sequins and glitter are not currently sold in Pauls Hair World but are easily available.
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