Trending - coloured mascara, yes or no?

mascaraaa While we leave the mullets and the shiny tracksuits in the 80's, one fashion trend has made its way back up the fashion ladder to be one of this years hottest makeup looks. Colored mascara! Gone are the days of boring navy blue mascara, 2017 has seen the rise in bright, bold neon colors to frame those peepers for the most show stopping looks. Bright mascara is a subtle way to bring out other colors in your outfit, it's a great statement look and a good way to add a pop of color to a plain clothes day. Play around with the different colors, some colors will make your eyes look super bright.
  • Blue eyes will pop against a deep burgundy shade.
  • A cobalt blue will be a bold contrast to a brown eye, this color will make brown eyes look a lot warmer.
  • Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, the vast contrast between purple mascara and green eyes will really make them pop.
  • A yellow mascara will compliment brown eyes but will also compliment green eyes as they're close in color.
  •  An orange shade suits amber eyes.
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