Travel size beauty products for festive break!

38d276516ec4aac80ee0e24d868f4339 Christmas is fastly approaching and i for one, faintly in the distance, can already hear them slay bells jingling, children singing and the heart fluttering sound of gravy being poured on my yorkshire puddings! A time meant for eating good food, giving gifts and spending those precious hours with your loved ones, travelling home for christmas this year? Treating somebody to a winter get away? These are a bunch of Travel size beauty products i would recommend to take away on your festive fiesta!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Travel Size 50ml.
Winter is especially great at chapping our skin, causing cracks and dry skin like nobodies business so packing a mini moisturiser is essential! Palmers coco butter 50ml is mini but mighty, a rich, creamy formula enriched with vitamin E, softens, smoothes and hydrated dry, rough skin. Regular use can help to smooth uneven skin tone and blend blemishes and marks for a toned look overall. I'd definatley recommend packing this pal for winter!
Beauty Works Argan Moisture repair kit

This is a kit that's definatley a must have for anyone travelling this christmas, winter takes a toll on our hair leaving us with split ends, dry strands and sometimes even flaky scalp. Argan moisture repair kit can help put an end to that, also available in sulphate free means this is a kit that can be used on natural hair or also extensions so we can have you looking your best whatever your situation! Kit is complete with a saceht of argan oil serum, a travel size argan oil hair mask for extreme moisture revival! A shampoo, conditioner and also a heat protection spray. Protected whatever the weather and your hair will thank you for it!


Bump Patrol Moisturizer

Men need to moisturise their face aswell, our face has the worst deal when it comes to braving the winter weather and now that Movember is out of the way and them bears are coming off, your skin needs a little extra love! Containing Vitamins E, with Chamomile and Aloe Vera means this guy has a combination that will keep skin calm and your complexion even. Bump patrol moisturiser is a great way to eliminate a shaving rash and any ingrown hairs keeping your fresh faced and fancy for your christmas break!   index

Mixed Chicks Kids Haircare travel pack ( available in store ) Keep the tiny heads happy during the winter months with a deep moisturising travel pack, mixed chicks kids pack contains a shampoo, conditioner and also a leave in conditioner to help prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle and snapping off. Children like to play in the snow, the super cold weather doesn't seem to bother them but we wrap them up inside coats and under hats to keep them safe and war. The heat from our hats can dry out scalps and our hair out, this will be a perfect travel companion!

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