Tornado Coiler - Hair like Tinie Tempah


Tinie Tempah dissapeared for a while but he's back this winter with a whole new look. Winter 2016 seems to be the favourite season for celebrities to get out with the old and in with the new! Did you check out Rihanna's new dreads ? This year Tinie has grown out the buzz cut for a head of coiled curls, this hairstyle is stirring up the internet and high street. We're frequently asked by guys in store, how can they get these kind of curls? Most think it requires skill and a difficult technique but they are wrong! All you need is a curl sponge and some twist and lock gel, you're good to go!


Currently in store we have the Beauty Town Tornado Coiler in mini. Retailing at £2.99 it's an absolute bargain, the perfect size for children or young adults or someone who just prefers the tighter curls! Smaller holes in the sponge will produce a tighter, more defined curl. This sponge is flexible yet firm, allowing a tight grip without the sponge creasing!

  1.  Apply a twist and lock gel to slightly damp hair.
  2.  Use the sponge in a circular motion across the head.
  3. Do not press heavily on the hair and only use one direction.

For a tutorial on using a twist sponge watch the video below! Tinie-Tempah-Favorite-Weight-Biography

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