Tips that will completely transform your makeup

transform your makeup Winter skin can easily start to look tired and dull, especially following the excesses of the festive season. It's, therefore, more important than ever to pay special attention to your choice of make-up colour and techniques, to make the most of your skin, at this time of year. Here are a few trusted tips to transform your make-up for the New Year.

Luscious lashes

Your eyelashes are one of the most essential parts of your make-up repertoire, so play around with mascara and fake lashes to create different looks and see what works for you. Before applying mascara, use a lash primer for a plumper effect. To make eyes appear lifted, only apply mascara on the top lashes. Apply more than one coat to make lashes look longer, but wait for the first coat to dry, before adding another. Never mix different mascaras as it could cause a clumping effect. False eyelashes can look stunning if applied correctly. Consider products such as Eylure Lashes or Lash Fibres Brush On False Lashes for great, natural-looking results. transform your makeup

Warm colours

Pale, winter skin craves make-up in warm tones that create a sun-kissed glow. Stick to natural soft, shades and tones, where less is more. Experiment to see what works with your skin tone and eye colour. The Sleek Makeup Glo Face & Body Highlighter contains five shimmering powders that can be used on the face for a warming glow. When applying products to the delicate eye area, use your ring finger, and apply highlighter onto your brow bone. Eye make-up will be easier to apply if you first add some cream under eyes and on the lids. transform your makeup

Beautiful brows

Do not neglect your eyebrows as part of your make-up routine. They can make or break a look, so keep them in good shape. Always use an eyebrow primer prior to applying pencil or powder. A stencil can be used in order to help shape them, and you should always pluck in the direction of the hair. A brow powder that is darker than you would normally wear can create a dramatic effect. The Cresty Cosmetics Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit can give colour to your eyebrows in less than a minute. transform your makeup

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