Tips for looking after Afro hair

looking after Afro hair

Afro hair is naturally drier than other hair types because the oil from the scalp can struggle to make its way to the ends. Relaxing can also make it more prone to breakages but, the good news is, there are ways to keep both your natural hair, extensions and your instant weave looking great.

How can I reduce tangles?

Sorting out tangles can lead to more breakages so try to avoid them if you can, whether you are caring for natural hair or a curly weave. Wrap your hair in a scarf, plait it in sections or tie it back when you go to bed and avoid cotton pillow cases that can cause split ends and drying.

How do I get out tangles without causing breakages?

Comb your hair while it has conditioner on it and be as gentle as you can. You won't be able to prevent all breakages but you can certainly minimise the problem.

How often should I wash my hair?

Afro hair only needs washing every seven-to-10 days to prevent it drying out and you should oil your scalp regularly and use a daily moisturiser. Do a hot oil treatment or apply a deep conditioner once a month. Afrotic West Indian Castor Oil is a great all-round product as it can be used as conditioner, moisturiser and hot oil treatment. Try not to get oil on a weave, however, as it can make it heavy and ruin its appearance.

How often should I wash extensions?

Human, Yaki and synthetic hair extensions should be washed once a week or every 10 days. All hair pieces, including Brazilian hair extensions, should be cleaned using a gentle shampoo. Harsh products can damage the fibres of synthetic hair, in particular.

My hair is sweaty but no due for a wash, what should I do?

Rinse the salt from your hair but do not shampoo, and then use a light leave-in conditioner at the end.

How else can I prevent dryness?

Massage your scalp regularly as this will improve oil production and overall circulation. Also, avoid over-using heated styling equipment and products containing alcohol if you can. Drink plenty of water and spritz a little on your hair each day.

What hair care products and essentials should I have in my hair care kit?

A satin pillow case, a scarf or wrap for night-time, a high-quality, gentle shampoo, an acidifier, a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment, a suitable comb, a boar bristle brush (to be used only occasionally) and a spritzing water bottle.   See our range of Afro hair care products here Share you Afro hair care tips with us on Facebook or Twitter
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